Here in Tekka Trends we are making precise custome made dresses for Men and Women based on their traditions and ethnicity. Over the years, Tekka Trends has grown to become one of the most established tailors in Singapore and has built a reputation in the tailoring industry. In Malay Community we are one of the most renowned Baju Kurung Tailor in Singapore. Our flagship boutiques are conveniently located at the prestigious Golden Landmark Shopping Complex and the Mustafa Centre.Tekka Trends is one of the Quality and Cheap Tailor in Singapore.


Best Malay and Indian fashion Designers are in our team those are highly experienced in the tradition fashion knowledge. We also have best expert Punjabi suit Tailor in Singapore. Our experienced and knowledgeable tailors are meticulous in their workmanship and quality control. By dealing with our highly experienced fashion designers, you can be assured to receive the very best advice on the fabrics and style for your custom-made suits. Tekka Trends do not compromise on quality by maintianing our identity as one of the cheap tailor in Singapore and one of the best Baju Kurung Tailor in Singapore.

Tekka Trends is a trusted name in both Malay and Indian community of Singapore as we are doing our best efforts to deliver satisfaction to our customers from many years. We are renowned as one of the best Punjabi suit Tailor in Singapore.

Our wide range of specialized services include exquisite and quality tailoring services for both gents and ladies, as well as value added services such as online order service, alteration services, worldwide delivery services, express service and free pickup services. At Tekka Trends, we stress on superior quality and workmanship by our professional tailors at reasonable prices.

Tekka trends is the one of the most cheap tailor in Singapore and quality fashion Boutique in Singapore as we have customized our services to meet all the expectations of our customers. 


If you are busy, tired, or sick and cant visit us for your dress order, No worries. We can pick your order from your door, completely FREE.


If you do,not have enough time for your dressmaking and want someone to quickly make you dress in few hours. We can.


Dont Know which Fabric you should buy for your dress OR How much fabric you need for your dress. No worries. Come to us.


Going for wedding. Want to match your dress theme with your partner, family and friends. 

We are here to match all.


You want to have a prelim consultantion of your order. Enjoy our free consultaion service which is available always. 


A dress is not complete till you get its matching accessories. We understand it and therefore we have all types of accessories too for you.

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