We have a wide range of Indian and Malay traditional dresses for men and women. From the above gallery you can select anyone and whatsapp to us for purchase. Tekka Trends is specialized in suits designing and Punjabi wear in Singapore. 

Sari or Saree represents the most traditional of Indian glamor, and its beautiful drape brings out the elegance and grace in you. If you find it difficult to tie a sari the Indian way, we can help. For a nominal charge, we can create a custom-fitted, ready-to-wear sari out of the one you select from our online shop. It will look identical to the traditionally tied sari, but will be as easy to wear as a skirt. 

All the saris on our online store come with matching fabric to stitch a blouse. If you would like us to create the perfect blouse for you, or transform the sari into a ready-to-wear garment, please highlight to us  and we will be happy to design and produce it for you. Please note that additional charges will apply.

See something you like, but not in your size? No worries. Almost every design you see on this website can be custom-made just for you. Please let us take your measurements and any specific request and we will work out a price and timeline for you. The tailoring price we charge is lowest in singapore, and the lead time to manufacture it is likely to be about 2 weeks from the order date. Charges varies slightly according to the design and the work needed to create the outfit.For tailoring Punjabi wear and suits designing are most famous in Singapore.

We can also alter the outfits to your size for as little as $10. If you are in Singapore, please drop by our shop and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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